Gene Expression Panel

Choose from NanoString’s broad portfolio of expertly curated, ready-to-use, gene expression panels. Each panel contains up to 770 genes—selected for published significance in key biological pathways— and is customizable with the option to spike in your own content. The nCounter® Analysis System provides a simple workflow optimized for robust performance on challenging samples such as FFPE and lysate.

  • Simple workflow—less than 15 minutes hands-on time
  • Streamlined analysis—data in under 24 hours
  • Designed for translational research—customizable panels up to 770 genes
  • Proven performance—cited in over 1600 peer-reviewed publications

miRNA Assays

Discover biomarkers with highly multiplexed, direct digital detection and quantification of miRNAs in a single reaction. nCounter® miRNA assays include panels for miRNA expression analysis and simultaneous measurement of miRNA and mRNA from the same sample. The content is curated from latest miRBase to enable you to rapidly and efficiently profile the top 800 human miRNA’s. Also available for rat and mouse species.

nCounter® microRNA panels have allowed us to comprehensively screen human and rat tissue for microRNA profiles in our disease setting of interest. This has allowed us to select candidate microRNA signatures of interest for expanded validation and further interrogation.
— Rachel Crossland, Ph.D., Newcastle University

DNA Assays

nCounter® copy number assays can be custom ordered for up to 800 user-defined targets.

Additionally, the nCounter v2 Cancer Copy Number Assay offers an off-the-shelf option for multiplexed quantification of 87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer including PIK3CA, AKT, PTEN, BRCA, ERBB2, and MYC (see table below).

  • Optimized for FFPE samples
  • Copy number analysis of 87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer
  • Digital quantitation of highly amplified genes
  • Specific detection of bi-allelic and multi-allelic number of copies

Protein Assays

Create a customized protein assay with the Vantage 3D™ Protein Barcoding Service. Your antibody of choice is barcoded with specific DNA oligonucleotides matched to unique color-coded molecular barcodes to enable direct quantification of your proteins of interest on the nCounter platform.

  • Customize any Vantage 3D Protein panel with up to 5 additional spike-in protein probes
  • Develop a full custom protein panel (up to 10-plex)
  • Compatible for use in protein only or Vantage 3D assay formats
  • Enabled for use with Digital Spatial Profiling System (currently in development)

Vantage 3D Assays

The Vantage 3D™ portfolio, powered by 3D Biology™ Technology, enables you to profile combinations of DNA, RNA, and protein targets up to 800-plex from a single sample with the nCounter® Analysis System. Mix and match any combination of analytes based on your research needs or simplify your selection with pre-matched multi-analyte assays for Immuno-Oncology, Solid Tumor, and Lung Tumor Profiling.

vantage 3d.png

Custom Solutions

We can design and build Custom CodeSets for your specified gene targets. Our Bioinformatics team has designed CodeSets for a large variety of organisms and analysis types that include: Gene Expression, Copy Number Variation (CNV), Fusion or Splice Variant detection, Ribosomal RNA, and more. For basic gene expression designs of human, mouse, or rat genes, we offer a web-based tool, nDesign™ Gateway, for exploring gene content and designing your own CodeSet. For more complex designs or those for other organisms, NanoString’s bioinformatics team provides expert design services. Contact us to discuss your design.

  • CodeSets designed to your specifications
  • Include up to 800 targets of interest
  • Designs to any organism with known sequence
  • Expert Bioinformatics support